DARTHY - Old School Side Scrolling Pixel Platformer



DARTHY wakes up in the hospital and soon finds out he must release the souls of the robots imprisoned in the Gold Doubloons (Gold Coins) by the Giant Space Pirates. Help DARTHY Roll, Bounce, Crash, Fly, and Die to free the unfortunate souls.

DARTHY is a Simple Pixel Platformer based on old school mechanics.

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◉ 10+ Buildings w/ Old School Checkpoints 
◉ Pixel Art
◉ Double Jump & Fireball to protect DARTHY
◉ Collect Coins to release souls
◉ Real-time physics
◉ Prepare to die. A lot!
◉ Security Ballz action and more


Made with my kids Kaleb & Jeya.



DARTHY is now on STEAM, iOS, & Android - Kids & I are pretty happy  :D 




"Yeah, this game throws a few curveballs your way. It's got solid variety and just a good feel to the game when you play it."

Touch Arcade

"Overall though, Darthy is a sharp little action game that platforming fans should try out. Heck! It's free! So why not save some robots?"

148Apps 4/5 Rock N Roll

"old-skool influenced 2D platformer with decent controls, a great look"  


"Our team at Edamame loves Darthy"  

Edamame Review "B"



STEAM Early Access Yay!


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